Internet access restriction

I have windows 2000 server + ISA 2000 and I want to restrict user that accesses the internet with the MAC address.
Is there a way or a third part software or another proxy server that can do the job?

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It will work as a blacklist ans as a whitelist

 "Granting Access to Specific Users Only

If you want to allow specific users only, instead creating an allow rule for all users, create rules to allow access only for specific users. You have to create rules one by one for users (if you want to access control via MAC address), otherwise if you want to control them via IP address, then SPF has a variety of methods enabling you to control this."

You can try an evaluation version

Not really sure about the bandwidth
I think you can do it with squid - its free and good
sabassamAuthor Commented:
bmquintas this is good but it’s a blacklist….can I make it a whitelist  (allow some mac addresses)?
Also can I control the bandwidth?
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