how to add a smiley/typographic toolbar to a web page


I need to develop a 'Fun' fourm. By fun i mean i would like to provide the following functionality for the user:

      1. They can emotions to posts i.e. smileys;
      2. They can can change the type of fonts that they are using to type they message (typographic tool);
      3. letters trail the mouse cursor when they move the mouse.

These options should be available on a small tool bar above the message pane.

Is anyone able to advise me on hopw i can best achieve these requirements, or point me in the right direction etc please?

Thank you for any help.
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This probably is not the correct Topic Area for your question(s) - they are not really directly graphics-related. I would suggest leaving a post in the community support TA (click on "Support" at the top of this page, and add a free question asking this question be moved - probably to the Web Development TA).

Having said that,
1) Have you looked at a canned forum script? I like Toast Forums (, it's ASP based. But you can find others that will work in almost any server-side scripting language. And most allow the use of smileys and...
2) fonts that change.
3) Letters that trail the mouse cursor are generally client-side scripting, like Javascript.
Here's a good article on the topic:
And here's another:
cbridleAuthor Commented:
To provide you with an example so you can see what i mean i have put in the link below. That is what the fourm should look like.

cbridleAuthor Commented:
ok thanks a lot for your help on that one, i'll do what you've suggested.
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