Hard Drive Changing names ( please help urgent)

Hello, my name is Stan and i have Portable hard Drive, that i use At home and In school
At home my HD name is "Firestom I:" and when i take it to school my harddrives name chages to "Firestorm D:"
Can someone please tell me how i can kkep it as Firestorm I at school? And at school i can not edit anything meaning as file setting the computer heavly locked down. cant even change screen resolution.

Is there a still way i can change and make FIXED name "Firestorm I:" somehow, from my home computer???

Please help, I have so many problems with Office and 3DStudio MAX.

Thank you VERY much in advance.

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andrebaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Both home and school using a similar OS i suppose? Make sure you give full permissions to everyone, so that when you change machine you can still access you files.

As per how to keep a fixed driveletter, try here

DGS_StanAuthor Commented:
Yes school PCs Use XP Pro, and at home i have XP Pro too.
Um, not really, since these are school computers and i doubt you can change system settings.

FIRESTORM  is the "lable" of your drive, I: is the drive letter of that drive(most likely because you have other drives.

when you go to school and the lable changes to Firestorm D: where D: is the drive letter asigned to the drive.

the only workaroud i can think of is if you make the lable read Firestorm I:, then when you stick it in your machine it will show up as "Firestorm I: I:"

DGS_StanAuthor Commented:
Thats useful but doesnt that mean that i have to do that on my school's computer? if yes i wont be able to because the adminstrative access and locked down. I will try asking them if they can let me do it or not. Thank you for the info helps alot.
Like Diane said, it'll be hard to modify school settings, but you COULD change your home settings by renaming your Firestorm to D: at home..

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