Does any one know how is one hour of elearning defined in terms of the number of screens?
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I'm an elearning developer and know for sure that there are no general terms
or describing guidelines to that question.

As Blue-genie so excellently points out content and time spent varies a lot,
depending on complexity, users, level of interactivity, speak, video, tests etc.
If you don't take that in to consideration and only base your calculation on
"avg reader reads at __ speed, ...." you (in my opinion) are not talking elearning.

Elerning should go further than just well indexed manuals and offer the user
supportive help and motivation.  This is not done by text alone.

To try give you an answer, a 1-hour elearning program normally is between
20 to 60 "pages" depending on subject etc. ... Not very general :)

~ Jakob E

can you elaborate?
Are you talking about the elearning suite?
rohganAuthor Commented:
Just elearning in general. Many sell courses saying "100 hours of  elearning". How many screens do they have? How is 1 hour defined?
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Based on books I have read with similiar style - I would say that it is extremely relative - you learn as quickly as you learn - but I would  guess it is up to the developer to come up with an average time it would take to complete such a course, or per screen etc and work off that.

you could check out this site for more info:


I don't think you can put down 1 hour of learning to the number of screens as it depends on a number of criteria, such as:

1. learner reading speed and literacy.
2. number of activities in the screen. ie. if its interactive, or are they only reading text. An interactive activity will obviously take more time to execute.
3. cognitive learning vs. motor learning or other learning types

rohganAuthor Commented:
There must be some general guideline or something  that says an avg reader reads at __ speed, thus 1 hour of leanring from __ to ___ screens or soemthing.

thanks for that Jakob E
I'm an eLearning developer as well, and I've asked the instructional designers and they second that there is no norm.
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