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i want to build lan network with 6 PCs. I already have 3 PC's here connected using switch. now at another point i need to install another 3 PC's and share broadband internet connection with these 3 computers.
the problem is they are to far from the switch. i hope i wont need to put 3 wires till that office.
So, my question is how can i setup this network (3+3 PCs) using 3 cable between 2 offices. Is this possible? how?

thanks in advance.
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You really want to start using a router for this setup.

If you had two routers, one in one room, and one in the office room, it would need only one cable between the two routers.  You're going to need more cables regardless.  6 PC's <== 7 or 8 cables.

Using switches and hubs, eventually something is going to go wrong.

Distance should be no problem for the routers, if they're on the same 1/10th of a mile standard street block.  It may be for switches and hubs.

Cables are usually run through the ceiling or along or in vents, or somesuch so as to keep them "out of the way" and to make traversal easier than drilling holes.  Although running them through the walls, or down and under the floors are also options.  Fishing cables through walls is a somewhat harder job, but it is preferred to run them inside of walls.

Wireless is going to encounter distance and steel infrastructure problems.  They may work for a house, but offices tend to be to noisy electromagnetically.  However, it may be worth a try.  In any case, most routers also include wireless anyway, so you have two options.

Your broadband will be divided down into 6 computers too, don't forget that.  If they're all running heavily on the Internet, they will slow down.  Any machine that uses bittorrent and similar, games, etc., will bog down the connection and almost make the others useless while downloading or playing a game.

Your best bet is to go for the wired connection using two routers.  You've reached the limit of hubs and switches.

Your options are:

1) Plug in a Wireless LAN device into your switch and then install Wireless Cards in your three PCs that are too far from the switch.  This way you dont need to run cables.

2) Run 1 cable from the switch to the location where the three PCs are.  Plug in a new switch there and plug the computers into that.

So long as they are all on the same IP subnet you can share the broadband.

kirezAuthor Commented:
any tutorial/url to learn how to connect the wires? which ports and how to set it up?

Thank you kirez
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