FAT32 limitations / file naming conventions vs NTFS

When I have my several NTFS systems backup to the Linksys NSLU2 (which uses FAT32), once in a rare while I get file name issues and need to rename the files.

What are the filename conventions I should avoid when saving files on my NTFS systems so that, when it backs up to this FAT32 NAS, it does not hit a problem?

Are there filename/directory LENGTH differences between FAT32 and NTFS?

Are there CHARACTERS that are legal under NTFS but illegal under FAT32?
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This is not so much a limitation of the filesystem, but more one of the controlling OS. On your NAS there probably is some sort of *nix OS with a samba server. The filename length can depend on environment settings of that OS, etc.

As a rule of thumb, never use special characters, but just the normal alphabet (no ö ä ü # etc).
These special characters may be usable in some cases, depending on the country and codepage settings of the underlying OS.
Also, certin files with encryted data can cause trouble when coping because they loss all encryption when moving over to NTFS
That'll be the other way round, as FATxx does not support encryption, but ntfs does!

Opps, my bad, LOL, did not watch what i was typing :-)
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