gis shortest path point-to-point routing (student project)

hi, im wondering if you can help;
i have a couple of shapefiles (arcgis) of the integrated traffic network that shows where the traffic restraints and the nodes are etc in a certain district. i also have a database table with all postcodes from that area that have coordinates attached to them.
i want a system (algorythm+implementation) that takes a starting point (postcode) and an end point and draws the shortest and quickest path between them. (abit like
the application must be made using javascript, sql, coldfusion and autodesk mapguide.
please can i have some pointers towards the procedure of getting this started.
please reply asap.
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Hi I have seen somewhere the Network analysis extension from esri. Try it.
One more application is from Map & Guide which offers you the facility to enter the post code as a starting point.
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