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inject php code into html file

i have alot of html file need to edit , only insert <?php include "header.php";?> in every html file, this file in my_html folder , is there any quick way to do that , than open every file just for doing that . administrator not allow using mod_layout .

thanks in advance
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Multifile text editors like UltraEdit often also support search and replace through multiple files. The files which can be searched thru are either opened, or located in a directory. Possibly the tool you are already using also supports this kind of s&r.

Sorry to drop in, but I thought this would help elaborate:

The way I usually do this type of replace is to ask my editor to search and replace through every file in my directory. I use DWMX2004, but as Roonaan mentioned, any multi-file editor will do.

Assuming I want header.php to be included as the first line after the <body> opening tag in every page:

I would search for:

... and replace with:

<?php include "header.php"; ?>'

Don't need to give me any points, but this may not have been as obvious as it seems.
You can also use sed/perl to do this, eh?
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hendri2Author Commented:
can u gave me sed/perl code for that
you could also do it in php (this function doesn't check to see if the line is already there):
be very careful with this.

$directory = "c:/myphp/"
echo '<TABLE>';
echo '<TR>';
if($dir_handle = @opendir($directory)) {  //I know @ code is a bad idea, but here I don't see a way of circumventing it
    while($file = readdir($dir_handle))
      if($file !== "." && $file !== ".."){
          if (($count % 4) == 0) { echo '<TR style="width:100%;height:104px;padding-left:10px">'; }
            echo '<TD>';
                $myfile = file_get_contents($file);
                $myfile = '<?php include "header.php"; ?>' . $myfile;
               echo '</TD>' . "\n";

Use Extended Search & Replace in Macromedia Homesite.

search for <html>

replace with <?include "header.php"?> <html>

Find where : In Folder (direct to your folder where all the files exits)
File Type : *.html (or whatever you like)

Pressing Replace button will do the rest.

Now your life become very very easy.

Hope this help.

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