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I need to create a RGB histogram for an image. Can anyone give some guidelines or examples of code snippet to accelerate my development time.  Thanks.
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hzinoxAuthor Commented:
Hi, sorry for the very late respond... had been on something else for some times now. I have looked the website given and I do think it will be useful to me. Thanx : ). Anyway, I am really confuse on how should I proceed with the histogram since I know now that it is more preferrable to come out with a 3D histogram rather than the others (just as required). I am looking seriously at Java3D but would this be a wise choice for me. Or is it far better to find an existing application which can be embedded in my program? Can you give any advise on this matter?

Cheers. Thanks again.
JFreeChart will do all of that for you, there's no point reinventing the wheel with Java3D when you can use this. You could always use Batik which is the underlying tech that JFreeChart uses.
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