NEED HELP !!! How to share an Irda port from my laptop?

i need some help with a problem .

i have a laptop with win98 . the laptop has an irda port and i want to connect the laptop with another computer(desktop)  and share the irda port , so i can use it from the desktop computer

the desktop pc has winXp installed .

how can i connect the two pc's  and share the irda port from laptop ?                

( the only ports i have on laptop are : serial port , paralel port , and irda port  ,,, i don't have either  a network card on laptop  or desktop )

( i want to use the irda port to transfer some photos from my mobile phone . the mobile phone's software works only on winXP and i can't install the winXP on my laptop because i don't have enough resources on it )   ( the mobile phone software is Easy Studio and the phone is samsung e700 )

Thanks for your help in advance
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you can use another software to upload your photos from your phone

the software is "headset manager 8.0 " , it works on any pc , including one with win 98 installed
You cannot share the IRDA port. You will have to look for another solution or find some software that works with your phone and Windows 98.

the other option would be to purchase a USB IRDA port for your desktop computer.

Michael PfisterCommented:
I don't think there is a way to share an irda port between 2 machines.
There are inexpensive (about $20) USB to IRDA converters  available that should easyly plug into your XP machine.
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