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I like to make two modifications to the mailtemplate and I need some code for this. First I like to implement a "Reply w/o attachment function" so the attachment will be removed when replying.
Second function I want to add is a icon in the first row, which will show if the email is a external mailmessage!
Does anybody have some examples?

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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
If you want you can add another column for an icon.

What's the current formula (there's only R6 here...)? It can easily be adapted, but you have to tell what has priority. The @If-statement is like this:
    @If(cond1; val1; cond2; val2; ....; val-else)
So if condition1 is True, then the result will be value1, else if ... etc. You could add (say) a cond4 and a val4, like this
    ...; SMTPOriginator!=""; 130; ...
which tells to use icon 130 (yellow closed envelope) when there is a field SMTPOriginator.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Apparently you don't have R6, since Reply without attachment is standard in R6. It might be easier to upgrade.

The second is quite easy actually. I suppose you want an icon in the first column, if the mail comes from external? But what is the difference? Please define "external", is it all SMTP-mail, or all mail received from a source with an Internet-mail-address?
luke1346Author Commented:
Hello Sjef

I know....upgrade to R6 will help, but it's not possible on a short notice )-:

I want a icon when the mail is SMTP mail (non notes mail).
I thought to check if there is a SMPTORIGINATOR field. My problem is that the first column in the view already has some "complex" code to display other icons. I don't know how to adjust this code whitout destroying the already excisting functionality!

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