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Hi All,

I am quite new to Coldfusion so please bear with me.

I have written a codfusion app that tracks our quotes going out to customers.  It is an Access MDB on a Windows 2000 box with Coldfusion (v5).  I have written the site in Dreamweaver.  I have Crystal Enterprise 10 installed on the box.

I want to achieve this - allow the users to view a Crystal Report through their web browser (as they will not have Crystal installed) to show, for example all Lost quotes for a region.  I.e. the link will show "Lost Quotes Report" which they will click on and the report will be displayed in the web browser.

I know my datasource etc, and it is not password protcted.  Can anyone give me a basic overview (step by step_ of how I can do this?

One other piece of info - I only have Crystal 9 for writing the reports, however I have ordered Crystal 11 which shoudl be here tomorrow.


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Hi sr_millar,

 Its actually very complicated... But here goes the basics.

 you need to createobject to a couple of com objects.

CrystalReports10.ObjectFactory.1 - Is the factory
CrystalReports.ReportAppSession - Is the ReportAppSession
and CrystalReports.ReportClientDocument - Is the client document.

open a connection to the com object for factory. the use something like this to get ReportAppSession

<cfset Factory = CreateObject("com","CrystalReports10.ObjectFactory.1")>
<cfset ReportApp = Factory.CreateObject("CrystalReports.ReportAppSession")>
<cfset ClientDoc = ReportApp.CreateService("CrystalReports.ReportClientDocument")>
<cfset pc = variables.o_Factory.CreateObject("CrystalReports10.CrystalPrintControl.1") />
<cfset getClientDoc().DatabaseController().Logon(this.Username, this.Password) />
<cfset o_PrintOutputController = getClientDoc().PrintOutputController() />
<cfset SetupParameters(Arguments.Parameters) /> <!--- Will explain this as its complicated --->
<cfset pc.DownloadHandler(variables.o_ClientDoc.ReportSource) />
<cfset pc.PrinterName(Arguments.Printer) />
<cfset pc.PrintReport() />

basically with the parameters ( I haven't done CF5.0 for a long time and this example is cf mx6.1 +)

                for (i=1; i lte ListLen(Arguments.parameters); i=i+1)
                    result = ListgetAt(Arguments.parameters,i);
                    ParamCollection = getClientDoc().DataDefinition().ParameterFields;
                    ParamToChange = ParamCollection.Item(i-1);
                    NewValue = GetFactory().CreateObject("CrystalReports.ParameterFieldDiscreteValue");
                    NewValue.Value = result;
                    TempParam = GetFactory().CreateObject("CrystalReports.ParameterField");
                    ParamToChange.CopyTo (TempParam);
                    ParamController = getClientDoc().DataDefController().ParameterFieldController();
                    ParamController.Modify (ParamToChange, TempParam);

Sorry that I am not much more use, but if you goto support.businessobjects.com they have a developer zone which might be able to help you more converting the above to Coldfusion 5.0


Don't worry about crystal 9 for writing the reports, Crystal 10 will still open crystal 9 written reports.

Oh forgot to say that you can export the report to a pdf then use cfcontent to display the pdf normally. If you like I can try to convert the code to cf 5.0 from mx6.1 at a cost if you like, but you will need to give me a few days to get it converetd and setup an example site for you to see it in action.

I'll leave it up to you.
sr_millarAuthor Commented:

I have managed to get my system to work using a product called ReCrystallize (www.recrystallize.com).  It seems to be doing everything I need it to.  Thank you for trying to help me though.

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