saving a pdf image to file

can you give me an idea for saving a pdf image to file.
i tried this way,
 open(outputfile, ">test1.pdf" ) or die "Cannot create $file_path: $!";
 print outputfile "$data";
where $data is the result of a http request.
this gave me only a page with no data.
hope you can guide me the rightway.
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how exactly did you get $data?
it's quite unnecessary to put $data in quotes.
if you're on windows, it's advisable to add "binmode outputfile;" right after the "open()".
minor stylistic recommendation: filehandles should either be in full caps, or you should use a private variable to hold it:

    open my $out, ">test1.pdf" or die "Cannot create $file_path: $!";
    binmode $out;
    print $out $data;
    close $out;
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If you are getting the PDF via http, then just do:

use LWP::Simple;
getstore("","/path/to/test1.pdf") or die "Can not retrieve test1.pdf $!\n";
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