Compare 2 files and copy newest if required (Yes that old c drive chestnut!!)

Hi Guys

I hit a Security problem whilst running a exe from network, so I put my wee app on c drive.

Of course rolling out new stuff is wanted to write a loader for it.... so it loads checks date on myExe in cd drive then sees if there is new version at \\mynetworkpath\myExe. Then downloads this to c drive and brings programs in synch. Then launches myExe

So how do I do comparision???

cheers George
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RonaldBiemansConnect With a Mentor Commented:
something lik this

        Dim fi1 As New System.IO.FileInfo("yourfileincd")
        Dim fi2 As New System.IO.FileInfo("yourfilenetworkpath")
        If fi1.CreationTime < fi2.CreationTime Then
        End If
Geo123Author Commented:
Whats the equivilent for VB6's "App.Path" in .Net??

How do I copy files?? I suspect security may kick in again... but nothing verntured.....

cheers George
fi1.CopyTo(newDestination)     ' or fi2.CopyTo ....




think those are probably the easiest to use in your case
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If you don't want to move the FileInfo related files... use

IO.File.Copy("C:\File1.txt", "D:\File1.txt")

(or one of the many other ways)
Geo123Author Commented:
ok used the Application.StartupPath to cheat a wee bit as loader will be diff name. It copied the file down no bother.

1 last bit though... how do I launch the proper .net exe??? And close this loader down??

Thanks guys thats me nearly got this finished.... How am I going to split points though???


To start/load a file...

        Dim p As New Process
        p.StartInfo.FileName = myFullAppPath  ' myFullAppPath is your proper .net exe... so replace it accordingly


If your current program was loaded straight into a form, this should close it up.

If it was started in another way, let me know.

As for splitting the points... give Ronald a bigger share since he answered your original question
Geo123Author Commented:
ok thats great... program working away merily... thanks for help guys

S-Twilley will put up another question and if you could answer that...wee thing... you dont have to answer and will still give u points... just dont know how to split points

cheers George
To split points on the bottom of the page there should a button splits point :-)
Geo123Author Commented:
nope there wasnt Ronald...unless I am at wrong page!!
There should be a spilt points somewhere on this page :-)
Just above where you type in a post (i.e. the box im typing in now, you should see some links like this):

    Split Points  
    Question Bookmark: Add  
    Post a Comment: (Question and Answer tips)

but they'll only be their while the question is open (so it's too late for this one)
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