Outlook's Mail format Tab disabled?

Is there any way to lock out or remove the mail format tab in outlook?  We run a Terminal Server 2003 environment but our users are sending out emails with needless formatting (ie. backrounds images).  We want to remove this feature in there Outlook profiles.
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BrigeerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use the Outlk9.adm template from microsoft which allows you to control
Mail Format, specifically the following:
        Mail Format
            Message format/editor - Corporate or Workgroup configuration
            Message format/editor - Internet Only configuration
            Send pictures from the Internet
            Stationery Fonts
            Message format settings - Internet Only configuration
                HTML message format settings
                Text message format settings
            International Options
                English message headers and flags
                Encoding for incoming and outgoing messages
                Don't add signature
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