3 Networking Questions.

Hi Friends,
I've three questions to ask...please answer me if you can:
1.Two systems are set-up on a Win-98 network.PC1 can ping PC2 but not  vice-versa.Through NetBIEU both systems can
access each other's files.So,why can't PC2 ping PC1?
2.A 10Mbps hub on a windows-98 network is replaced by a 10/100 Mbps hub and the network stops working.If the 10 Mbps hub is connected back,it starts working again.what is the problem and howcan you solve it?
3.Your n/w card was working fine,when suddenly a "yellow exclamation mark" pops up..and it stops working.Whats the problem?
Ans.I guess,the yellow mark comes up when the installation or driver is not installed properly,but they say it was working when it stopped.So,could it be that the card lost connection and is not properly inserted now??

Thanks in advance
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1. Pc might have incorrect subnet mask.  Could cause Pings to black hole but Netbui works because its layer 2, not 3.
2. Change other side to Autonegotiate from 10 Half.
3. Cable unplugged.

Home work?
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
2. At a guess its an auto negotiation error in the advanced properties of the card try it on (in the following order)

100Mbps - Full Duplex
100 Mbps - Half Duplex
10 Mbps - Full Duplex
10 Mbps - Half Duplex
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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
3 Mmm I blame the curvature of the earth
harmeek_80Author Commented:
Thanks PeteLong and PseudoCyber,
Third question..u said cable unplugged...do you mean to say the internet connection cable??...so there's no problem with the network card...rite.No man,it was an interview question,and i didnt knew answer for these 3 questions.
I guessed,for the first one i wrote might be because  PC2's IP address is changing dynamically....lolz..wrong there.
For second,i had no clue to guess either.
For third, i wrote n/w card not slotted properly...wrong again i guess...but rest questions were easy.
Thanks anyways.
Hi harmeek_80,

 1) Firewalls can block pings, and some antivirus programs
 2) Yeah it means that windows needs to renogtiate the connection
 3) Yeah I think you not believe what users say, but if its truth not sure on this one.

 4) Upgrade to windows XP, all these bugs have been fixed and Windows 98 is no longer supported by M$

harmeek_80Author Commented:
Thanks Buddy,
Though i've closed this thread but i would still like to have a clear answer for the third question....anyone??
Wasn't closed nor was there any replies either, guess thats the downside to working on a dialup connection...
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