How can I set up the correct address book in Outlook after I've moved the outlook.pst file to my laptop?

I travel a lot and bring my laptop with me.  I transfer the "Outlook.pst" file and use it while on the road.  I have a new laptop this trip, and I'm not able to "find" my address book when I start a new email message and click on "to" to find the address I'm looking for.  My address book IS under the "contact" list in Outlook, it just won't show up in a "new message" screen when I click on "to" or "cc" etc.  How can I make this work??
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If the above isn't working, make sure that the Outlook Address Book is added to your profile first.  In Outlook 2003 that's under TOOLS->EMAIL ACCOUNTS->VIEW OR CHANGE EXISTING DIRECTORIES OR ADDRESS BOOKS, from there click ADD to add the Outlook Address Book if it isn't already there.
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
1.      Open Outlook.
2.      Right click your contacts folder and select Properties.
3.      Click the Outlook address book tab.
4.      Tick the box that says “Show this folder as address book”
5.      Click Apply >OK
6.      Click Tools>Options>Email Options>Advanced Email Options
7.      Tick suggest names while completing To, cc and Bcc fields
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