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File Permissions in Windows 2003

I have a folder with one text file in it, and I have two users that I want to write over the top of this file every week.  They don't append data to it, they just overwrite the data.  I want to know what permissions I need to set on this folder and file to make it where they can do this but not be able to read the data they put into the file.

Can it be done.
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You might try disabling "list folder/read data" and enabling "create files/write data", but I warn that I cannot test this solution where I am now, so I'll come back to you tomorrow.
sthomas76Author Commented:
That doesn't work.  It said I don't have permissions to save the file.
I'm not sure Windows will cope with a write-permit but read-deny file.

How about allowing them to write to an (otehrwise) empty directory, then have a Scheduled batch file move the file after they've written it?

Having done a bit of digging Windows 2003 has special perrmissions on the advanced tab which should address what you need.  Take a look at this article :-


Have fun and good luck


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