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I have an MDX query that I have written in the 'MDX Sample Application' that comes with SQL Server 2000.  The data in the data pane is perfect, I just want to browse and use that like I do in Excel with a Pivot Table that is based on a pure cube.  However how do I do it? Can I base a PivotTable in Excel on a MDX expression? If not how else can I display the report?

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From the Excel toolbar, choose:
  Data\Import External Data\New Database Query

Then choose the OLAP Cubes tab. Browse for your MDX file.
hydevAuthor Commented:

Thansks but I can't seem to do what you are recommending.  I am using Excel 2003, if I go to Data\Import External Data\New Database Query it loads Microsoft Query, how do you load the MDX file in that?  It immediatly asks me for a Data Source, if I then select the OLAP server it asks for the cube and then creates a PivotTable.  If I go to the OLAP cubes tabe and browse, all I can do is load a .oqy file not a .mdx.  If I specifiy an .mdx it says it is invalid.

Sorry if I am being stupid here.

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