How to control my move using 3rd party menu maker

1st Flash Project, feeling fairly overwealmed.

I am most likely going to be hit with 18 presentations each containing a varying number of slides to be converted to a Flash CD.  What I want is a translucent drop down menu that can be created dynamically from an external file so I can reuse one object.  When users click the menu it will take them to a specific frame.

My overall architecture is a movie clip holder with dynamically loaded movies and next/previous buttons.  All of that works.

I've looked at some 3rd party menu software, but it seems like they only allow you to specify a URL to go to.  Is it possible to put something in the URL line that targets the currently loaded movie clip and tells it to go to a specific frame?

Is there a 3rd party product that makes this easy?  FlashKit has left me more confused than I started.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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If you link us to a menu you like, we can try to modify it...
dtburdickAuthor Commented:
I can only say that 123 FlashMenu has a sample I like.

The problem is it only let's me put in the following for any menu item:

Text: (the caption)
URL: (http://)
Target: (_self, _blank, _top, _parent)

I want to use it within my Flash presentation CD to allow navigation to specific slides that have been dynamically loaded into a movie clip control.

I want to put something in like this:


or better yet call a function like this:

function goToFrame(frameNum) {

And then use the URL to call:  goToFrame(10);
Without looking at the script, no modifications.. :)
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dtburdickAuthor Commented:
There is no script to look at.  :(    123 FlashMenu creates the movie.

I thought this was going to be so easy.

Any suggestions on how to create a menu like I want using another tool or even using Flash.  The 3rd Party tools are using Flash, so I know it has to be possible.  I don't mind doing the work, I just don't know where to start.
Please, take a look here:
Find a menu you like, than let's modify it.. :)


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dtburdickAuthor Commented:
That certainly eases my tension!

The menu I chose is so simple I can't stand it:

I wish it were dynamically loaded from an array, but hey I'll take what I can get.

Thanks so much.  
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