CFmail question

when I use cfmail there is any way not showing the actual email address, just show the sender name, for security reason
so like from only show the name

any idea
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It will always show the email address.  You cannot hide this.

There is no way to prevent a person from seeing the email address the email was sent from unless you forge it with a phony address.

CFMail requires a valid email address to be entered inthe from.

Some email clients (i.e. on the person's machine who is reading the email) can set it so that if they know the person only the person name shows and not the email address (i.e. Outlook), but they still can choose show headers and see the emial if they want.
you mean .... to be able to do anonymous emailling ?  

or just not be abel to show what address the email is being sent from or who its being sent too?
asamuelAuthor Commented:
I just want to say  from (just the name ) not the email address
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oh... i think you can do something like "Name to display" email address, like this

   FROM = "John Smith <>"
   TO = "List Members <>"
   SUBJECT = "List Mailing">Your e-mail here</CFMAIL>
asamuelAuthor Commented:
this way email address will not be shown to the sender
You can't "HIDE" the email, not with any client because the email is always delievering party is always attached. But you can do what asamuel is asking. A user will still be able to click on the properties of the name and get the email address though.

just like kkhipple said, you can set the from to be "John Smight <>" That way only "John Smith" will show in the from line. This also only works with the type attribute set to HTML. Plain-text emails generally show the email address rather than the name only.

I have used this method many times and via database values. With using database values you can make it more dynamic by even outputing the name to the page without the <> because it's treated as an html tag that doesn't exist and is ignored. so the output would only be the name.

Hope that helps!
dougokc, you said
>>you can set the from to be "John Smight <>" That way only "John Smith" will show in the from line.

Again this depends on your email client settings

Certain email clients DO understand that notation and display the email address wit the name.

It is entirely dependent on the program being used to read the email - it is not in the control of the person sending the email.
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