After connecting Router, I cannot access local network resources, but can access internet

Hello Fellow Experts - I have a bit of a problem:

I have a Windows 200 server running a domain. I installed a router in order to have wireless capability in  my office. However, the machines that connect via the router cannot access the local network resources, but can access the internet.

I have configured the router with a static IP address that was configured on the computer that was connected to the jack I unplugged and then plugged into the router. I then configured the machine that WAS plugged into that jack to obtain an IP and DNS automatically fromthe router, which I configured with the manuall IP that the machine previosuly had. Make sense? This gives this machine internet access, but not local reource access.

I have made sure the subnet is the same, but other than that, I am not sure why connecting a router would throw me off the domain.

Thanks for your help,
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You need disable DHCP on the wirless router.  Plug the Network connection into the LAN port instead of the WAN port that way the computers will get a DHCP Address from your local DHCP server rather than the Wireless AP.  Once you disable the DHCP and plug the cable in the LAN everything should work right.
devisor36Author Commented:
This worked great for the desktop! Fixed the problem, I will award you the points. Thanks. BUT: Now, computers connected wirelessly cant access the that because the DHCP server is not running any longer?
Ensure you are getting a DHCP address from the DHCP Rather than the server.  Run an IPCONIFG /Renew or Repair the Wirless connection which will get a new IPAddress from the local DHCP Server. (Mabey your Laptop is still using the Address Assigned from the router)

Ensure you have everything configured properly on the wireless Card (WEP, etc..)

After you have done the above, try the internet? see if you can ping local worstations?

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Im assuming you have a local DHCP Server on your network?  If so the wirless laptop's should be getting there IP Address from the Local DHCP server now.  The wireless laptops should not have a problem gaining internet access or LAN access
Sorry for all the comments.  Just re-reading what i wrote and teh first sentance "Ensure you are getting a DHCP address from the DHCP Rather than the server" should say this.

Ensure you have recived a DHCP address from your local DHCP Server rather than the previous assigned address from the wireless AP.
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
Or, just enable RIP (or configure a static route) on the router so it can see both the subnets...  I just love to throw a wrench into the mix, eh?  :)

Be sure you enable some kind of security on this AP.  WEP is inherently unsecure, and WPA can be broken also..  Suggest a mixture of either one and MAC filtering at the very least!

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