How to access an application from a remote site

My office is running a mortgage application. There are two loan officers with notebooks outside the office. What is needed is for them to access existing data or load new data in the workgroup server? If I use remote desktop I will be killing my internal computers while they are being used remotely and I don't want that. If the other option is to have the application running in the remote notebooks and access through a VPN, does the mortgage application need specific requirements? I once tried this with Quickbooks and had problems, when I called Intuit they said that their application was not intended to be used via VPN. What are my options or what can you suggest?

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2hypeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What kind of program is this?

If you use VNC, the local computer cannot be used while the user is accessing it through VNC.  VNC is similar to Remote Desktop but it does not lock the desktop when logged on (you can see what the user is doing).

Pretty much the only option's are a VPN if you want the remote user to log on and gain access to the files to run the program.  You would need to buy 2 routers with VPN capabilities and place them on both sites since you do not have a server you can configure to accept VPN connections.  You could also use an open source firewall like IPCOP,  the nice thing about IPcop is it has built in Dynamic DNS therefore if your remote location does not have a static IPAddress your can regisiter and the IPCOP will take care of the IP Address changes.

Termianal Services allows you to have mulitple connections to one machine vs Windows XP's Remote Desktop which limits you to 1 session at a time.

Terminal Services will also work great for what you are doing.  This is probally the easiest method and the program will operate probally the smoothest with thes method due to the fact the Program is being ran locally on the workgroup and it has access to the files through your LAN.  It takes no time to setup and once you do have it setup open port 3389 and point it to your TSServer so they can access it outside the lan and your done.

You would need to be running win 2k or 2003 though and install Terminal Services.  If only 2 employees plan on using the termial Server you would not need that big of hardware requirements for the server either.

Do you have a server.  You could Install Terminal Services and have them logon with the remote desktop connection to the Terminal Services.  You will have to buy licenses though.  Depending one who they are (how much you trust them) you could give the 2 employee's Administrator Rights which will allow them to logon to the Termial Server In Remote Administration Mode (Do not need to buy licenses, Limited to 3 simitanous connections).  You could tell the program to Run at logon which will just load the program you specify and when that application is closed the session ends.

You could access the info over the VPN also.  You might want to ask the support for the morgage software if this is recommend first though.  It data may not be as quick to load/save going over the VPN.

how bout a FTP server to upload the data, then use VNC to get on that computer and complete the work.
wouldnt be hard at all that way, and you could still use the VPN for security on both the FTP session and the VNC session.
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CuzurroAuthor Commented:
I don't have a server. Just a workgroup computer sharing files. Doesn't VNC move the desktop to the remote notebooks? I have not used VNC before but if it acts as Remote desktop then I am not getting the results I want because the users at the office will lose control of their respective computer when a connection is made.  Using FTP would be an option but I am not too sure yet.
CuzurroAuthor Commented:
I need additional input on this issue.

VNC will not allow you to copy files to and from
CuzurroAuthor Commented:
Thanks for tha bit of advice. I thought that Vnc would have this capability. How a bout a tool like "radmin"?
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