OWA User gets password expires in X days message even though server password poilicy is not defined

1. As indicated the server password policy is not defined
2. In AD under User-Properties-Account-Account Options I have not checked password never expires
3. This "seems" to be happeing only with my OWA users and not with those also using the OL Client

Does Windows Server 2003 or EXchange 2003 have a default password expiry setting? Is so where and is it changeable?

Using Windows Server 2003 Enterprise with Exchange 2003
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Surefoot3Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
To further clarify, I errored and set a password expiry date in a few user accounts when seting them up.  I did not realize that overrides the policies I set up.  I am closing the question as answered by myself unless the comment by "flyguybob" actually does answer the question.  Sorry I kind of a newbie to all this.
Could it be possible that this client is subjected to the password expiry in the DDCP (Default Domain Controllers Policy)?  This policy is one of the default GPOs located in the Domain Controllers OU.
Surefoot3Author Commented:
I discovered I had made an error when setting up several users I failed to find that.  My apologies!
Well, that will cause a problem.  No complaints here if you want to have it PAQ'd with refund.  Sometimes we all look at the obvious questions and answers first.  Good work!
I object to the delete because it is good information and it is good info for the community.  

I do not object to a PAQ/Refund or to the Refund...just to the delete of good info and a good solution.


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