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Hi , I am going over someones code and I need some debugging tips.
Inside the code there is a variable named 'ready' I want to see how to call it from the root so i need to see the whole path that leads to it, I can't use the flash targeting since all the movie-clips are attached by code.
Is there something i can use like trace(this.ready._path) or something that will return the variable location.
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BillystyxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you want to check the code inthe whole movie use the movie explorer and select action script.
If you trace ready
you will get the value of ready, if it is on the same path as where you are tracing from.
best to test the movie to where the ready variable is declared, adn then choose the debug option from the menu.
control f to bring up the search window, and type in ready.
It should take you down the variables to where the ready variable is and it will supply the path to it

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