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Hello again!

I have two Windows 2003 Terminal Servers setup independantly and was wondering if there is a practical way to have them both share the same user profile.  Meaning, if a user logs into either one, they get the same profile, desktop and settings.  Is it possible to do this with existing profiles and convert them to a shared profile between the two servers?  Basicly one terminal server is constantly getting heavy user loads and I was looking to find a simple way to balance the load between them without having to disrupt existing profiles ...

The plan was originally have one terminal server run one set of applications and the second for another set of different apps.  Well, the second set software (SalesLogix) is a resource hog ... so I have to find a safeway to balance it evenly between the two (the first terminal server has nearly zero load).  I have both sets of applications running on both terminal servers configured identicly and now just looking for a simple way to have users interchange which server to connect to.
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2hypeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Go into Active directory.  In the settings for the users, go to the terminal serivces profile tab.  In the profile box set them to use a pofile ex. \\Comp\ProfileShare\%username%.  That way the same profile will load regardless of which TS Server they log into
avatechAuthor Commented:
So if I enable this and point it to a fileserver that is local to the terminal servers, then I can safely use the profile manager on the terminal server to copy those existing profiles to that location?  I'm guessing I would have to do this when the machine is not in production ... as it would have an immediate impact ... I'll give it a try and post the results tonight!
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