Lotus Notes/Domino 6 - Group Calendar Not Showing All User's Schedules

Lotus Notes user 'Bill" is having issues with group calendaring.

All users in office XYZ were set up identically, however "Bill" is the only user in office XYZ that is experiencing this problem. While at the main Calendar screen, Bill creates a group calendar named "Office XYZ", and then proceeds to add all of the members including himself. When viewing the group calendar, all member's schedules are visible but his own. Bill's schedule bar is greyed out (no info) over the entire calendar range. Other users in the office also cannot view Bill's calendar from their own workstations. Bill's schedule was in fact created properly, and authority was delegated to "everyone" to view it.

The message "Bill/XYZ: Can't find schedule record for requested user" appears at the bottom of the screen. Obviously, this is why the problem is occurring, but my questions are (1) What particular file name is Notes looking for? (2) Where is this file normally located? (3) How is this file normally generated? (4) How can the problem be corrected?
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brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
I would issue a "Tell sched Validate <username>" without the quotes on the server console to update Bill's entry in the busytime database.

The server stores free time information in busytime.nsf (or clubusy.nsf if clustered) and it's normally kept in the data directory on the server.

You can also issue a "Tell sched show <username>" to view the user's free time information on the console.
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