Suggestions for a Barcode application for use in SCO Unix shell programming?

I am reintroducing barcodes to some of our paperwork and am running on a SCO Unix 5.0.7 platform.

In the past I have used Barz_out Pro for Unix vesion 2.1 from Unibar (circa 1997)

This application allows you to use "triggers" within your document to turn on and off what sections of the document prints in plain text and what part is barcoded.  Worked well in the past.

I would use Unibar products again, except:

The demo version I downloaded has some bugs in it.
Unibar won't reply to by inquiries
As of last year, Unibar would not issue me a new license for my old Unibar package that I would like to run on my new server, nor offer me upgrade pricing.

Can anyone suggest another package that will allow me to :

1. Place multiple barcodes on the page.

2. Placement of barcodes will be vary based on content of document.

3. Allow rotation of barcode in 90 degree increments

4. Support basic barcodes:  Code 128  & 3 of 9 would be more the sufficient.  2D would be nice, but is not necessary.

5. Compatible with printers that support PCL5.

6. Operate in a character based environment.

7. Operate with a script and require no user interaction.

Thank You

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steelspyAuthor Commented:
I was actually able to get Barz_out Pro to work properly.

As usual, I was the source of the problem.  I was using the lpr command without the -o raw option.

Once I started using the -o raw command, all was right with the software.

If appears Unibar still owns Barz_out Pro.  Hallogram is just a web store for software.

Barcode 2000 is another of Unibar's offerings.

Unibar doesn't list their phone number on their web site, but I had the number from the paperwork from 1997.
Their number is 248-229-5050 (I called and spoke to them while I was typing this reply)
They didn't seem real pleased to be taking sales inquiries over the phone.

Please see for a similar discussion.

Interestingly, Barz_out seems to be owned by another company now (see above link), which might explain why Unibar won't talk about it; Tho' as they seem to have their own offering ("Barcode 2000") I'd have expected they to try to switch you to that?
Oops, sorry if I mislead you. As you solved the problem yourself, you can get CS to refund your points - Post a 0-point question in with the link to this question
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