Run exe from Batch File

I need to know how to run an exe from a batch file
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DowwieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I all depends on how you want it to run.  Do you need the batch file to start the EXE then wait for the EXE to finish and then process some more commands or just launch the EXE and continue on?

Here's a few examples:
These will launch the EXE and continue on.

c:\winnt\system32\at.exe \\%1

c:\reports\tools\showacls \\AD1Server\d$

These will start the EXE in seperate memory and minimized while labeling the session sdntfs

start "sdntfs" /min c:\reports\sdntfsperm.bat

You could also use the command "Call"

For any of these command just open a command line and type...

Start /?
Call /?

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