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loading values from spreadsheet to msflexgrid.

I want to load values from spreadsheet to mshflexgrid through a command button.

My spreadsheet has data in columns start at row3. Someone please let me know if I need to predefine the columns in msflexgrid before loading the data or its simply setting the mshflex grid matrix to spreadsheet cells.

Thank you in advance.

1 Solution
Dim oExApp  As New Excel.Application
Dim oExWb   As New Excel.Workbook
Dim oExWs   As New Excel.Worksheet

Private Sub Command2_Click()
On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
    Dim strFName    As String
    Dim lngR        As Long, lngRowNum    As Long, lngC As Long
    Dim lngTotalCols    As Long
    Dim bolTemp As Boolean
    strFName = App.Path & "\Reports.xls"
    Set oExApp = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
    Set oExWb = oExApp.Workbooks.Open(strFName)
    Set oExWs = oExWb.Sheets("Sheet1")

    With oExWs
        lngRowNum = 1   'Starting Row Number
        For lngC = 1 To 256 ' Max no of cols in excel, here you can set any number
            'here i check the empty columns. if continuosly two columns comes to blank i stop that loop
            'and set the maximum no of cols in grid
            If Trim(.Cells(lngRowNum, lngC)) = "" Then
                If bolTemp Then lngTotalCols = lngC - 2: Exit For
                lngC = lngC + 1
                bolTemp = True
                GoTo checkNextcol
            End If
        Next lngC
        'Assign the grid properties
        MSFlexGrid1.Rows = 1
        MSFlexGrid1.Cols = lngTotalCols
        lngR = 0
        lngRowNum = 1   'Starting Row Number
        bolTemp = False
            MSFlexGrid1.Rows = MSFlexGrid1.Rows + 1
            lngR = lngR + 1
            'Assign the excel contents into grid
            For lngC = 1 To lngTotalCols
                MSFlexGrid1.TextMatrix(lngR, lngC - 1) = .Cells(lngRowNum, lngC)
            Next lngC
            For lngC = 1 To lngTotalCols
                'Here if any empty row has come, it will stop the excel to grid conversion
                If Trim(.Cells(lngRowNum, lngC)) = "" Then
                    If lngC >= lngTotalCols Then Exit For
                    lngC = lngC + 1
                    bolTemp = True
                    GoTo checkAllcol
                    bolTemp = False
                    Exit For
                End If
            Next lngC
            If bolTemp = True Then Exit Do
            lngRowNum = lngRowNum + 1
    End With
    Set oExWs = Nothing
    Set oExWb = Nothing
    Set oExApp = Nothing
Exit Sub
    MsgBox Err.Number & " - " & Err.Description, vbInformation
end sub
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