RE:Windows XP Registry editing has been disabled by administrator


When I log into a machine has the user I will get the following error when I try to open the registry "Registry editing has been disabled by administrator ".  This just happens with a few users

I checked group policy and nothing is configured, I also checked the local group policy and there is nothing configured.

I have up todate antivirus and xp updates.

My question is there anyway of enabling registry editing?  

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dr_binksConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ok heres the policy setting:

User configuration
     Administrative templates
             Prevent Access to registry editing tools   < disable this

then you have changed that option; in a command prompt type: gpedit /force
(I think thats the command) and it will force refresh all the policies.

hope that helps


Have you tried logging in as the administrator is Safemode?

bjenningsAuthor Commented:
I am sorry, If I log into the computer with a domain admin account I can get to the registry, just not has the user
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It sure *sounds* like it's a policy somewhere that's doing it.
Did you run rsop.msc to see if anything shows up?

Try adding the group 'Domain Users' to the 'Administrators' group of the local machine.  This would make all standard users Administrators of the local machine.  Just use it with caution because it can open a whole can of worms when you get people that much access.
Error message "Registry Editing has been disabled by your administrator"
bjenningsAuthor Commented:
Thank you!!!   This is very strange, the local group policy setting for "prevent access to registry editing tools" was "not configured", I always thought that meant disabled.  When I did infact  change it to disabled I was able to get the the registry of a user.

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