Odd notice on last step of user certification.

I was recertifying a user using the admin client via "Configuration" tab > "Certification" > "Certify"...   .   Normally before the final step of certifying the user, I get a confirmation to certify the ID and choose the password quality but this time I got the below warning/message.

     Certifying this ID file will change the name of it's owner because you have not selected the original certifier.
     Current Certifier:---new/group/domain
     Original Certifier:--old/group/domain
     ID File Owner:-------My User/old/group/domain

     1. The recommended method for changing a user's name is the
       'Rename Selected People' action available from the 'People'
        view of the Domino Directory.
     2. You may certify this ID and change the name of its owner.
     3. Or you may issue a cross certificate to this ID and store it in the
        Domino Directory.

                     Rename     |     Cross Certify...      |      Cancel

My guess would be option 2, but I don't want to goof anything up.  Option 1 dosn't even make sence, but I'm wwondering why it's even a option, and if it's a valid oiption, I'm not wure why I need to mung around in the NAB.  I definitly don't want to cross certify.
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Are you sure you've used the right certifier id?
It seems that you want to keep "My User/old/group/domain" and e.g. only want to extend its exiration date.
You're currently using the one for "new/group/domain" where you probably need (or at least expected to use) the one for "old/group/domain" (i.e. a different OU).
Somewhere in the process there is a button to switch to a different certifier id. Choosing the right one will make notes act the way you expect.
I tend to agree with CRAK.  It depends if you are (1)recertifying a user whose certificate is expiring or (2)recertifying a user to a different Organizational Unit.  Which scenario better describes what you are doing?
Do you have a certifier "new/group/domain"? When you choose the certifier it will ask for the password and will show it's name ie "new/group/domain". If you cannot get the original certifier, option2 is the go, but this will change the users hierarchical name and affect access to anything that references that, so you will have some folow up work to do.
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