Can mounts span multiple hard drives?

Hi.  I'm not all that familiar with Linux.

Our server uses it.  It is a very simple, tight setup.  No desktop, hardly anything but a minimal RH install.

Right now, /home is its own mount (filesystem? What's the right terminology there?)

We are running out of room.  We would like to add more hard drives, but we dont' want to mess with the server's programs - which automatically assign new uers to /home... we don't want to have to start using, for example, /home2 or /home3...

is it possible for /home to span more than one hard drive seamlessly?  Ideally, the data wouldn't even care which drive its on... so that when one hard disk fills up, it just spills over to the next with no problems.

Then - assuming the above can be done, is it then possible to RAID mirror the entire setup? for redundancy.


Please explain answers so that someone not versed in Linux can understand  :)
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1) It's possible to do this if you use LVM

2) You can mirror or RAID partitions

3) you can combine 1 + 2

s_mackAuthor Commented:
Excellent!  Fantastic answer.

The first site is in German, and I am linguistically challenged I'm afraid... but that's what Google is for.

I'm sure I'll have a million more questions, but you've given me a terrific starting point.  Thank you very much DonC!
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