Access 2003 / Foxpro ODBC Link error / Decimal field precision msg in XP SP1 environment.

I am trying to link to old style foxpro tables (dbf's) from Access (Office XP Pro) and it is working fine in a Windows XP Pro SP2 environment.  I am using the ODBC, Visual Foxpro, Free Table ODBC driver.  However, when I try this setup in a networked environment with the client running Windows XP Pro SP1 I get link errors.  The table access speed is terrible, most of the fields come across simply filled with the word 'error' and I get an error message about the fields decimal precision being too small.  And that is only when Access doesn't hang all together!  But it all works find on another standalone machine.  And it also seemed to work better before XP when the client was still running windows 2000.  In both cases the data was linked from a file server.

Anyone know what's up with this?!?!?!

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Check out PRB: VFP ODBC Driver Causes Various Errors in Microsoft Products;en-us;Q308215
I don't yet have any thoughts about the errors you are receiving, but I have a question about the Fox tables...

Do the tables you are linking to have Memo fields?

dcousins523Author Commented:
Yes, they do.
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