Late Binding Com Object

I have created a com object that has a method and read only property, I need to use this from a html page but I cannot late bind to it. I get "Object required" error when I try the method or property. If I early bind using a VB project then both work... Any ideas why I cant late bind onto the object? In VB the object is created to the correct typename.
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Russell LibbySoftware Engineer, Advisory Commented:
What did you create the COM object based on? (hopefully it was TAutoObject or related)...

To be automation compatible, an AX/COM object must expose an IDispatch interface; this interface exposes the 4 additional methods (above and beyoond IUnknown) that allow a client to call methods/props at runtime, namely through the Invoke method. If you inherited directly from TComObject, TTypedComObject, then these interfaces DO NOT expose an IDispatch interface.

julianpointerAuthor Commented:
I create the com object by createing a  New AvtiveX Library then New Com Object

is this not correct?
julianpointerAuthor Commented:
I used the automation object.... did the trick
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