Resize a W2000 Server partition

My Windows 2000 Server has one fixed-disk of 200 GB, currently with three partitions of:

C: 60GB
F: 70GB
G: 70GB

I need to adjust the partition sizes of these three partitions.  All the questions I have read on this site seem to suggest that the best utility to use is PowerQuest/Symantec Volume Manager.  In fact, some posts even go so far as to say that Volume Manager is the *ONLY* program that I should rely on to safely accomplish a resize on s W2K server.  Problem is, I don't want to have to spend the $$ to buy Volume Manager.

Aren't there any shareware/freeware tools available that will allow a resize of a hard disk on a W2K server?

I would appreciate any suggestions.  Thanks.
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You can check here :

Another solution will be to move your pagefile.sys, temp folders, some softwares to another partitions to have more place on your C:

You can also move your F: ang G: to another drives, delete then recreate them.
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