Shortcut that forces Open in Read Only mode

Can I create a shortcut to a document/spreadsheet that forces it to open in a Read Only mode?

 - this is for a shared contacts spreadsheet that all users can access, but it would be nice if the shorcut to it opened it in Read Only so that if it's ever opened for REAL changes (via another shortcut, or just Explorer) then it can be edited easily without having to kick any other users out.  

Ideally a desktop shortcut.  Don't really want to mess with perms on the file, as all users may eventually need to edit it, and being locked out forever would just confuse them.  Aw Bless....

cheers, Danny
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Danny ChildIT ManagerAsked:
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Open a specific workbook as read-only (read-only: A setting that allows a file to be read or copied, but not changed or saved. If you change a read-only file, you can save your changes only if you give the document a new name.)
/r workbook path\file name
"c:\program files\microsoft office\office10\excel.exe" /r "\\server\share\exceldocument.xls"
Do a search in Excel help for this
"customize how excel starts"
Danny ChildIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
superb.  I'd totally forgotten that switch.  
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