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Posted on 2005-04-18
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Last Modified: 2013-12-03
Hi Experts,

I have a CMS that allows users to update web content stored in a database. I would like to use a regular expression to clean the content of font tags prior to updaing the database. If a font tag contains a color definition, that part can stay, everything else (font name, size, wieght, etc) needs to be stripped out. If a font tag contains NO color definition then the entire tag (opening and closing) should be removed.

I found a couple website examples that claim to do nearly what I need - but, ahem, I don't know how to use the examples in an asp page. My page has a strNewContent. I already use Replace to to fix single and double quotes before makeing the database update. Could someone please tell me the exact syntax to use a regular expression to clean the font tags from strNewContent prior to updating the database?

Below are the samples I've found:

One website said the following wold remove all font tags when replaced with backreference \6
      <(FONT|font)([ ]([a-zA-Z]+)=("|')[^"\']+("|'))*[^>]+>([^<]+)(</FONT>|</font>)

Another website said the following would strip all but the color from a font tag:
<\*?font              # Match start of Font Tag
  (?(?=[^>]+color.*>)    #IF/THEN lookahead color in tag
     (.*?color\s*?[=|:]\s*?) # IF found THEN move ahead  
        ('+\#*?[\w\s]*'+         # CAPTURE ColorName/Hex
        |"+\#*?[\w\s]*"+             # single or double
        |\#*\w*\b)                   # or no quotes      
        .*?>                     # & move to end of tag
     |.*?>                 # ELSE move to end of Tag
   )                     # Close the If/Then lookahead

# Use Multiline and IgnoreCase

# Replace the matches from RE with MatchEvaluator below:
#   if m.Groups(1).Value<>"" then
#         Return "<font color=" & m.Groups(1).Value & ">"
#   else
#         Return "<font>"
#   end if

Thanks for your help!

Question by:Verdend
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Try this:

Function StripFontTags(Fontstring)
      Dim RegularExpressionObject
      Set RegularExpressionObject = New RegExp

      With RegularExpressionObject
      .Pattern = "\s+(?!color)(\w)*\s*=\s*(\""[^\""]*\""|\w*)"
      .IgnoreCase = True
      .Global = True
      End With
      If Fontstring <> "" Then
            StripFontTags = RegularExpressionObject.Replace(Fontstring, "")
            StripFontTags = ""
      End If
      Set RegularExpressionObject = Nothing
End Function

Response.Write(StripFontTags("<font color=""Red"" size=""3"">asdf</font>"))

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