How do you incorporate the .NET code behind with Dreamweaver?

I'm a .NET developer who just bought Dreamweaver because I thought I could integrate the .NET framework with Dreamweaver, but I'm not sure if this is the case. I usually work in Visual Studio.NET and want to develop there, but is there a way to do it in Dreamweaver? I don't see the business layer or code behind anywhere in Dreamweaver--just a bunch of wizards that right scripts behind the presentation layer. How can I develop the business layer (with classes and methods) in Dreamweaver or at the very least use the two together? Thanks in advance.
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alexhoganConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Dreamweaver was originally built as a designer's tool.  It makes it easy to layout the page exactly the way you'll see it in the browser.

As it progressed it became more of a development tool in that it contains many wizards that will allow you to streamline your workflow.

With .Net it hasn't really met the challenge yet.  Now that Adobe has bought Macromedia the future seems unsure for a number of their product line.  Not that Adobe will discontinue the products, but they might redesign and incorporate with their existing line.

Imagine what Adobe can do for the entire Macromedia line of products where design capabilities are concerned...
barnescoAuthor Commented:
You're right--Dreamweaver isn't a developer's tool, except for some quick, on the fly code. But it does allow me to devleop placeholders for textboxes and the like and I can copy/paste the code into So I'll go with that.

I wonder what Adobe will do with Dreamweaver. My first love is with Adobe, but gosh, this Dreamweaver's pretty nice, too.

(Conway Twitty: "You cheatin' heart...").

Thanks for your help.
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