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How would I create an rss that is generated by php and uses db values?
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this is my own real life code. just replace my tables by your tables in your context!
specification of the xml can be found here


/* connection to the database and standard function */

/* Select on system table */
$querySystem = "select * from system where company = $company";
$resultSystem = mysql_query($querySystem);
$numberSystem = mysql_numrows($resultSystem);
$webSiteName = htmlspecialchars(mysql_result($resultSystem,0,"websitename"), ENT_QUOTES);
$mainLanguage = mysql_result($resultSystem,0,"mainlanguage");
$adminEmail = mysql_result($resultSystem,0,"adminEmail");
if ($language == "") {
   $language = $mainLanguage;

$queryMetatags = "select * from metatags where language = '$language' and company = $company";
$resultMetatags = mysql_query($queryMetatags);
$numberMetatags = mysql_numrows($resultMetatags);
$description = mysql_result($resultMetatags,0,"description");

header ("Content-type: text/xml");

$lastBuildDate = date("r");
echo "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>\n";
echo "<rss version=\"2.0\">";
echo "<channel>";
echo "<title>conceptMonitor : An open source and freeware software version tracker by $webSiteName</title>";
echo "<link>http://$SERVER_NAME</link>";
echo "<description>ConceptMonitor is a Software Version Tracker that checks regularly project homepage of open source and freeware products and provided a one stop shop to check the version of the latest stable release.<br/>The list of software projects monitored currently is small, however anyone can contribute by requesting that a particular project is added to the list.</description>";
echo "<language>en-us</language>";
echo "<lastBuildDate>$lastBuildDate</lastBuildDate>";
echo "<category>Software Version Tracker</category>";
echo "<generator>http://$SERVER_NAME</generator>";
echo "<docs></docs>";
echo "<copyright>&#169; $webSiteName</copyright>";
echo "<managingEditor>$adminEmail</managingEditor>";
echo "<webMaster>$adminEmail</webMaster>";
echo "<image>";
echo "<url>http://$SERVER_NAME/images/logo.jpg</url>";
echo "<title>conceptMonitor : An open source and freeware software version tracker by $webSiteName</title>";
echo "<link>http://$SERVER_NAME</link>";
echo "</image>";
echo "<ttl>60</ttl>";

$query = "select * from monitor where deleteind = 'N' and status = 'L' and company = $company order by currentdate desc";

$result = mysql_query($query);
$number = mysql_numrows($result);

$i = 0;

if ($number != 0) {
   while ($i < $number) {
      $id = mysql_result($result,$i,"id");
      $name = mysql_result($result,$i,"name");
      $platform = mysql_result($result,$i,"platform");
      $url = mysql_result($result,$i,"url");
      $version = mysql_result($result,$i,"currentValue");
      $category = mysql_result($result,$i,"category");      
      $description = mysql_result($result,$i,"description");      
      $dateVersion = mysql_result($result,$i,"currentDate");
      $dateVersionFormat = fromMysqlDate($dateVersion);
      $dateVersionPubDate = date("r",strtotime($dateVersion));
      echo "<item>";
      if ($platform != "") {
         echo "<title>$name ($platform) version $version has been released on $dateVersionFormat</title>\n";
         echo "<description>$description</description>\n";
      else  {
         echo "<title>$name version $version has been released on $dateVersionFormat</title>\n";
         echo "<description>$description</description>\n";
      echo "<author>Alain Orset</author>\n";        
      echo "<category>$category</category>\n";          
      echo "<link>$url</link>\n";
      echo "<pubdate>$dateVersionPubDate</pubdate>\n";
      echo "</item>\n";
echo "</channel>";
echo "</rss>";

exit ?>

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bartonjo2Author Commented:
So I could have a while loop that would print the latest 10 items in xml format?? alain34?
you have 2 way of doing that
- put a limit statement in the sql stament. in y exmaple it will be :
$query = "select * from monitor where deleteind = 'N' and status = 'L' and company = $company limit 0,10 order by currentdate desc";
- force $number to be 10 if the value produced is more than 10
$number = mysql_numrows($result);
if ($number > 10) {
   $number = 10;

first option is better!
bartonjo2Author Commented:
yeah the first option  will allow me to actually show the top ten because it will sort by currentdate and by the field flag  being T for topten... I will see if this works
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