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I wonder if someone can help.

I have just set up a new AD and just realised I have set it as a domain.local instead of domain.co.uk

Therefore in control panel it says the domain is local.

What effect will this have, and how can i change it to .co.uk?
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1 Solution
There is no problem if your AD domain is .local, it is even recomended to have your internal AD domain as company.local, and the external, intenet domain as company.co.uk, the only problem is that your internet web server should be external, and you will need also an external DNS, from your ISP.
This way if your internal and external domains are different, your users will not be confused about what resources are internal and what are external.

If you still want to rename it,
You ca use the domain rename tool from Microsoft to rename a 2003 domain,


But if you have just created the domain, you haven't configured anything yet, then the easyest way is to demote the DC , this will delete your domain and everything in AD, and promote it to the new domain.
alanheatonAuthor Commented:
I am not planning on running a web server. The AD is only for interrnal use, I may install Exchange at some stage but this will be OK.

Access to the web is via a router which is then connected to a switch.

This should be OK then.

Do i need to change anything, because I have already setup up all the users and file server.
You can leave it this way, from the security point of view this is the way to do it!

I've setup MS SBE and configured the internal domain as payperbox.local and the external domain is payperbox.co.uk, however the exchange server is having problems receiving external emails. I can send external and internal emails as i'm using my ISP's SMTP server and i can receive internal emails. The web server for the domain is external as mentioned above and i've also put in the ISP's DNS servers as alternate DNS servers, if the internal server cannot resolve any DNS queries.

The MX record is pointing to server.payperbox.co.uk, which is a Host (A) record created just for the server on the domains hosting control panel. This (A) record is pointing to the clients single static IP address, which is assigned to the external side of their wireless router. The router is configured to pass all SMTP,POP3,IMAP,HTTP,VNC and REMOTE ACCESS requests to the internal IP address of the server

what have i dont wrong or not done, to cause the problems i'm currently having.

I've noticed a couple of thinks, in system manager the recipient update service is showing the domain as payperbox.local IS THIS CORRECT or does this need to show the external domain.

Also i checked the MX record on www.dnsreport.com and there is the following error: " ERROR: I could not complete a connection to any of your mailservers! " under the MX Record - Connect to mail servers row.

Please Help

alanheatonAuthor Commented:
what you need to do is acouple of things.

a) At your isp, you have set up your (a) record to point to your static IP. That is correct if you want to host your own web site or use your web address for OWA or exchange extras. You will need to creat a subdomain of your external domain name at your isp. Then in your MX record get it to point to your sub domain. eg 'mail.paperbox.co.uk' then in your sub domain set the (a) record to your static IP. Also in your MX record of paperbox.co.uk set the Prio to 10 which should be your lowest number so it uses that server first.

b)You need to set up a recipient policy for paperbox.co.uk. Go into Exchange System Manager. Under Recipients click Recipients Policy, then in the right hand pane you should see default policy. Right click default policy and then click properties. Click 'E-mail address Policy' then add.
Select smtp and then put ' @paperbox.co.uk' That should sort it

Any probs let me know


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