datagrid runtime error


i am facing a problem using datagrid controls. My problem is that

i am using Adodc to display data into datagrid control . As  requirements of my client i am hiding some colums in the datagrid control in run time specify that "DataGrid2.Columns(1).Visible = False"in my code. I am compiling it and executing in my system.It is working well. but when i am creating an exe file and running that exe file on my client system then i am getting error as
WARNING: contains banned part
7005 runtime, rowset not available.
Why is this can i over come from this error what should i do.I will be very thankful if u suggest me with porper code or idea

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joboyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds like it's a problem with the database connection not the datagrid control itself.  Has the client got the necessary access to the database that's the source of the datagrid control.

One quick way of debugging applications on a client machine is to add a few message boxes at suspect points in the application and then see what message box the application gets to before terminating.  Alternatively consider writing a log file.
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