Send SMS directly from a local mobil phone via Bluetooth.

  Hi everyone,
 I am just a "want-know-all" person :). So you all will help me alot if you could show me the answer.

 Yesterday, I have bought a key Bluetooth. In fact, I have a Sony Ericsson T68i. Because it supports Bluetooth, so we can send data to it via Bluetooth.

 If we want to send it an image, ok, .jpeg, no pb ! It recognizes the received data is an image and it stocks in My images.

 It is the same thing with the sound.

 But I wonder if I could send an message to it, may be a text file, and it will recognize like a SMS message. I have tried with hexa edit (under the format PDU - to create a file, and after, tried to send this file to my phone.

 Hichic, no mater what the extension of the file (.sms, .txt, .xyztuv...), I could not :((

 So, If someone knows where is the problem (may be a good extension, a different way to compose message), I really appreciate !
 Thanks you all for your attention !
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