Port 9995(JavaTCP)

Our firm would like to use an online resource for viewing property title plans, however the company that provides this has advised that we need to ensure that Port 9995(JavaTCP) is opened for the java maps to display.  

A general internet search for Port 9995 shows a whole host of malicious programs that seem to use this port.  What are the security implications of opening this port, and is there a way to view Java TCP on another port.

Many thanks
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I assume this case the Service Provider actually developed the software and binded it to the port 9995...Agree with you that there are some malicious programs running on this port...
But its depends on your requirements as well..Considering security one must always consider the requirements as well :)
For your case i dont think so that you can ask them to change them to a port...Even if they do change and mapped to a standard port or some other high port  still its not considered 100%safe coz "a port open is just vulnerable"..
The best way is restrict or control the access...Configure the firewall that only that particular company can access the resources..
So here you are reducing the risk by many folds..then if you have any content inspection software that can do a pretty good job of scanning the data for any malicious content..
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