What are advantages and disadvantages of HTML ?
Why HTML is more popular than XML ?
To user , what is the difference between of HMTL and XML ?
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Well that is only the beginning of the story. XHTML1 and XHTML1.1 have been a failure, because the standards are "pie-in-the-sky" based and not implementable.  The solution does not come until we get to a final recommendation of XHTML2 which is current still in this draft form:

As it stands with a few issues still ramianing to be resolved, that standard rejuvenates HTML, and truly merges it with XML, so the comparison of HTML and XML becomes moot, because the fusion in XHTML2 Create the first really change in browser oriented markup since HTML was first defined as an SGML based language.  

In any case a comparison of XML and HTML is irrellevant.  HTML is a straight markup language.  XML is not basic markup.  It is as meta language for genration markup notation methods.  It is like comparing bicycles and automobiles.  The have a basic transportation attribute, but much different purposes and roles to play.

This might shed some light on the subject for you:

On top of what's been said: Things will make a lot more sense if you take these tutorials:

   HTML   ~>
   XML     ~>
   XHTML ~>

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Like Cd& already stated, XML and HTML should not be compared. Eventhough they may look slightly similar they are in fact completely different.

XML for example can be used as a database, that anyone can open that has a program like notepad or whatever you like to use. It is much stronger than HTML, which was mainly meant for layout whereas XML is layout independant.

XML is used for storing text information (with context).  It looks a lot like HTML (as a matter of fact, HTML *is* basically XML).

The purpose of HTML is to tell your browser what to display.

The purpose of XML is just generic data storage

The following is HTML and XML:
    <TITLE>Hi Mom</TITLE>
  <Body>Hello world</Body>

But this is XML and not HTML:


Note how the context of the data is listed too.

There are also tools (like XSL) to translate XML data into other things like HTML.  It's all very flexible.  But XML wasn't really intended to be shown directly to users via a browser.
What kind of a grade it is that?  C? Did I do something to insult you that you think it is necessary to disrespect me with that grade?

To begin with you got a collaborative response an the points hould have been split.  Second of all the C is toatally out of line with the grading guidelines. See:

Finally the guidelines call for a comment that explains the grade when it is inferior.

From the look of your grading history you have about reached the point where you are going to find experts are not willing to help you or comment on your questions.  

If you fail to come back to the question and resolve things I will assume you do not wish me to comment on your questions in the future, however I will ask for a review of the grade.

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