active directory rebuilding indices (The system is a MS 2003 Small Business Server 15 users)

We had a disk failure reported by the windows array manager. Reported this to Del they asked us to check the disk using the DOS boot screen array manager, this showed no errors with the disk althought the windows based array manager said it had failed!
We rebuilt the array from the DOS screen but this repeatedly failed at 30-40 %. Then it said reboot the machine.

now it has been saying active directory rebuilding indices and wont get into windows. Its been saying this for 1hr now.

DEll; say run the dell diagmostics if this is ok then recreate the array and restore from backup.

I am about to go to site which is 2 hours away so if it has not finished rebuilding can i switch it off?
Is it safe to switch off and reboot whilst it is rebuilding the indices?
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If I were you, I would replace the disk as soon as possible and then try to rebuild the array via the DOS array manager. After that, access the boot menu (press F8 during boot) and choose the "Active Directory Restore" option.

After that you can check the disk...
If you anyway have to recreate the array and install from backup then it does not matter what you do now as long as you dont start using you hammer on the disk, just kidding but a recreation of the array will permanently delete any data that you had so if it is corrupted it really does not matter
webb-itAuthor Commented:
Just got to site
We now have a non working server as the rebuild failed.
DEll should not of advised us to rebuild the array because one of the disks was faulty to begin with.

I intend to replace the faulty disk recreate the array rebuild windows install the backup software and then do a restore over the whole thing,

Has anyone tried a restore of this type before? will it all work if i just do a flat restore over the whole thing?
If you recreate your  array at same size or bigger you should have no problems expect for the unexpected that always happens :-)
webb-itAuthor Commented:
I broke the array by taking the failed disk off line, luckily the system booted. I then flagged the disk as dirty from the command line and rebooted it, scandisk fixed masses of data coruption!

Once tested I then replaced the faulty disk and brought it online and rebuilt the mirror, from the good disk to the new disk.

Took 4 hours or so from start to fiinish. rather that then a full rebuild or restore from backup.

thanks to you all for your posts

Expect the unexpected- good point.
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