Exchange properties tabs not showing in AD user properties after users mailbox moved from 5.5 to 2003

AD has just been put in place and we are migrating users from exchange 5.5 to exchange 2003 and we have installed Active Directory Connector ADC for exchange to synchronise with AD.

When users mailboxes have been migrated and we look at the properties of a user, we should get the exchange properties, so why do these tabs not appear for some user?

If we look on the exchange 5.5 server, its showing that this user is on the new exchange 2003 servers

It is something which I have just noticed. Looking back at the mailboxes that I have already moved, the majority show exchange properties, but quite a few still dont.

Thanks in advance

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Did you run domainprep and forrest prep in the exchange 2003 setup prior to migrating the mailboxes? These two programs populate your domain/forrest with the required AD schema prior to migration.
- In a Exchange migration, you should be aware that you should only be viewing migrated users from the Exchange 2003 system (not the old system)

- You will only be able to "see" the Exchange attribute when viewing the user properties on the Exchange server itself.  You need to install exchange admin on other DC's or workstations if you want to view these properties on these systems too.
WMFS_SUPPORTAuthor Commented:
Active Directory was prepared for the new exchange 2003 environment by sucessfully running domainprep and forrest prep. Users are being migrated using the AD migration tool.

Migrating users mailboxes through system manager. When viewing users properties through AD users and computers on the exchange 2003 server the exchange tab is showing on the majority of migrated mailboxes, but on quite a few users properties the exchange tabs do not show.
WMFS_SUPPORTAuthor Commented:
I resolved this problem by running the Active Directory Account Cleanup wizard.  (I understand that forcibly rununing an ADC sync is an option)

The ADC creates disabled placeholder objects in AD for each Exchange 5.5 mailbox for the storage of exchange information until the user account has been migrated into AD, once the NT4 and Exchange 5.5 account have been migrated the ADC should perform a directory clean-up assuming the account SID’s have been migrated via ADMT, which removes the placeholder account and transfers the exchange properties.  If this has not happened you will see both the placeholder account (disabled) and the user account, without the exchange attributes.

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