Cannot query from enterprise manager

Hi Folks,

I am having some bother with Enterprise manager. Our SQL Server is Windows 2000 Server running SQL Server 2000 Sp 3a. I keep getting error messages when i try to execute a query from enterprise manager on my PC.

Everything was working fine up until yesterday. I could connect and query any of the tables within each database. Now when i try to view rows from a table it displays the following error:

'The query cannot be executed because some files are either missing or not registered. Run seetup again to make sure the required files are registered.'

I looked this up on the web and eventually came across Microsoft KB 315868:

'PRB: Query Can Not Be Executed in SQL Enterprise Manager Query Designer on Windows XP'

I followed this and re-registered the stated files but now when i try to view tables i get the following:

'Unknown Error 800401F9'

I have tried unistalling and re-installing but with no joy. I can query tables no problem from the Query Analyzer.

I am using a Windows XP SP1 to connect to the SQL Server with the latest MDAC version.

I don't understand why this would suddenly begin to happen when everything was working fine before.

Any ideas??
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Kevin3NFConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you re-apply MDAC 2.8?

Also, check the version of this dll on your drive:
C:\Program files\Common Files\System\Ole Db\Oledb32.dll

Have you applied SP3 to your client machine?
BaikieAuthor Commented:
Yeah, sorry forgot to mention that.
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BaikieAuthor Commented:

Cheers for the response.

Ok, i re-applied MDAC 2.8. (still no joy)

I checked out the oledb32.dll file:

File version - 2.80.1022.0 ((Webdata).030220-1508)

Anything else i need to check with this file? This is one of the files that Microsoft asks to register from the KB article.
No...I've seen weird circumstances where that file was 2.7.xxxx even on a 2.8 box.

Have a look at this hotfix/security patch for MDAC 2.8:
BaikieAuthor Commented:
I have installed the security patch but to no avail.

It is such a pain as i have to go onto the actual server in the server room to work with the enterprise manager.

Not sure what to do next as an uninstall/reinstall plus all the latest patches and upgrades did not help. There must still be something sitting on my computer that is causing this problem.

My best gugess at this point is that a Windows Update has messed something up.  Were any of those applied around the time it quit working?
Jim P.Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I have the same problem -- I started having problems once my boss fired SUS onto the network. I just use the query analyzer for the queries now.

Can you install Terminal Services for Remote Administratio on the SQL Server?  That way you can use Remote Desktop Connection.
Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Communications -> Remote Desktop Connection

It's almost like being there.  And I even share out my local C: and CD drive and then connect to the share to get things onto the server.

Just a thought. :)
Yes, I would assume you can.  Or look at the SQL WebData Administrator
BaikieAuthor Commented:
Hi folks,

Out of desperation i re-tried the Microsoft solution (KB 315868) and re-registered the stated files, and to my suprise everything has started working again. I don't know why this would be as i had already tried this. Anyway, everything back to normal.

Kevin3NF: I had never heard of the SQL WebData Administrator tool before. Sounds interesting

jimpen: As for the Terminal Services solution that would work as i use this already on my other servers and would have been a work-a-round (although not fixing the problem).

Thanks for the responses guys, good to know there are folk willing to help!


Although no real solution was reached, i will split the points as follows:

90 points for Kevin3NF as you responded to the question and stuck with it.

10 points for jimpen for responding

Cheers Folks!
BaikieAuthor Commented:
Just realised the minimum split is 20 points!

80 to Kevin3NF

20 to jimpen
Jim P.Commented:
Thank you. Just wanted to give my viewpoint on it.
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