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Best method of allowing inexperienced users yo update part of a website

I am being asked to design a website for a used car dealer.  I can provide all the 'static' parts of the design - no problem.  But the client wants to update his list of vehicles for sale, complete with picture, on a daily basis without involving me.  Any thoughts on how this is best accomplished.  Client has web access obviously but no existing web design software, and ideally I don't want to allow him to edit the 'staic' parts of the site.  I am using Dreamweaver.
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2 Solutions
use a database, let user fill forms with the info and choose the apropriate items to show, store it as a record
on visualization your asp must querie the database for the correct info ans item to display on the page
eventually your form/fill will have to be completed with a facility to upload pictures.. once more store filenames on your database for further reference (visualization)
this are the general step i consider best method for the task
curious, i have a car-rent app working... covering many detail from custom info, contracts, veicles and maps, all web... but not that part of sell
YUCK!  Do you have PHP on your server?

You could end your pages with .PHP and include this script where you would like to insert a TEXT file.


//      This is looking for 1 parameter and it supplies the
//  name of a file to display on the site.  

 $txtfile = $_REQUEST[Id] . '.txt';
if ($txtfile <> "null") {
      $Open = fopen ($txtfile, "r");
      if ($Open) {
            $data = file ($txtfile);
            for ($n = 0; $n < count($data); $n++) {
                  $GetLine = explode("\t",$data[$n]);
                  print ("$GetLine[0]<br>");
            fclose ($Open);
      } else {
      print ("Error opening file.");


URL to page would be:  WWW.abc.com/inventory.php?Id=041905

The file with the info on it would be named 041905.txt
And the BEST way to ......   is NOT to let them mess with it!
>And the BEST way to ......   is NOT to let them mess with it!

No, the best way is to deliver the requirements of th client in a timely manner so you get paid.  If you do not, the client will find others who can.

With any server side code you can develop an upload for the photos and a form for entering the data regarding the vehicles for sale.

The more you can organize the data, the less chances for a negative interaction.

As far as user's updating the web site, thats what CMS systems, portals, wikis and the lot allow, and they seem to work just fine.  Don't forget forums and guestbooks.  

Worse case scenario, bad spelling or someone breaking into the administrative login to access the update pages.

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