FTP server time out when tying to upload files after downloading and installing the Windows XP update on 18th April 2005

Have you any idea what  the cause of this problem might be when using an ftp client to ftp a database to our hosting ISP server. We have tried with Smart ftp, Leech and Flashfxp. Smartftp has been working fine, moving the files, until today
After long discussions with our hosting ISP and out adsl carrier we found we could only ftp using the dos ftp prompt from the cmd.exe
The problem only started today 19th April 2005 afer an automatic download of six Windows updates yesterday.
I have temporarily solved the problem by rolling back to previous restore point on XP(set last week).
Also caused a problem getting out on Macromedia Contribute 3.1 on another machine.
I assume it was one of the security updates, but which one is it likely to be and what can I do to prevent further problems.
Has anyone else come across the problem. It has driven me nuts this morning

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colinruckConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I had the same problem.

Uninstall the latest security update for XP - KB893066 using add and remove programs in the control panel. Reboot and then you should be able to ftp as usual.

Set the udates to manual and dont down load that one again.

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